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Office365TM is Microsoft’s cloud-based office. And lots more.

If you don’t have a server already, the good news is that you don’t need one now! Office365 runs it for you. In practical terms that means you can share mailboxes, calendars, and other items between users in your organisation.

Better still, you can access them simply on different devices running a variety of operating systems.

Have a look at the Microsoft Site - this link takes you to a trial of Office 365 Small Business Premium. Contact us for help setting it up. Larger businesses or Charites should use this link

There is lots more included, it is not just another way of getting Office software. Your business can now have the Office power which previously only came with owning your own server. The online version has the added advantage of built-in resilience against hardware failure - and no-one can steal your server!

Contact us now if you want to learn more, it could make a big difference to your businesss.

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